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Produse VoIP

Gateway de Voce GXW 4104 / 4108

GXW4104 gxw4108
  • Seria GXW410x FXO este dedicata companiilor mici, SOHO, sucursale si birouri aflate la distanta si in mai multe locatii
  • GXW410x este o solutie usor de implementat cu costuri reduse
  • Seria GXW410x permite unei companii sa conecteze prin VoIP multiple locatii distante cu pana la maxim 8 linii PSTN
  • Seria GXW410x include doua modele: cu 4 linii si cu 8 linii FXO
  • Seria GXW410x a fost proiectata si testata pentru a avea interoperabilitate totala cu IP-PBX-urile si soft-switch-urile apartinand marcilor consacrate din domeniul de telecomunicatiilor
  • 4 sau 8 porturi FXO
  • 2 x port Ethernet RJ-45 10/100 Mbps (switched or routed)
  • TFTP and HTTP firmware upgrade support
  • Multiple conturi SIP (3 profile per cont)
  • Programmable PSTN line settings for different countries/regions
  • 1 or 2 stage dialing
  • Caller ID
  • G.168 - echo cancellation
  • Flexible DTMF transmission: In Audio, RFC2833, SIP Info or any combination of the 3 Selectable, multiple LBR coders per channel
  • T.38 Fax compliant
  • FXO Ports 4 FXO (GXW4104), 8FXO (GXW4108 )
  • Ethernet Ports 2 RJ45 10/100Mbps (LAN/WAN)
  • Video Input Yes - supports H.264 video codec (up to 30fps and CIF resolution, Hardware Version below 2.0 only)
  • Audio Codecs G711u/a, G723, G729 and GSM, and T.38 compliant
  • Configuration Web based, and remote TFTP/HTTP
  • Specificatii Complete



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